Parenting Articles

As I said previously, we, as parents, always have questions about various topics. I hope you find value in the help and advice these parenting articles give.

The Importance of Parenting

Our role as parents is the most important job we will ever have in the eyes of our children. Personally, I think my role as a dad is THE most important job I will ever have. The impact we have on our children is so critical. We are their guides and it is our job to direct them down a positive path. Parenting is not easy....I know, but the most important step is being there physically, emotionally, and spiritually for our kids. Here are a couple of articles about how important moms and dads are in childrens lives.

Importance of Mothers by Rexanne Mancini

Importance of Fathers by Rexanne Mancini

Beware of GERMS!!!

No matter what season of the year, our children carry lots of germs. This is especially true if your child attends day care. No matter what the school's policy is, kids still come to school sick. We can't avoid us or our children getting sick but there are ways to help our kids contain the spread of germs!

Teaching your child to read!

Learning to read is one of the most important elements of child hood education.

Story Time

Make story time a special and key part of your day with your kids. Not only is it a crucial step in teaching your child to read but it is great bonding time too. Being a busy parent makes it difficult to read every night, but when we have story time with the girls it is magical. It is the foundation for getting your kids interested in reading and it helps to develop their imagination. Personally, I just enjoy the time we share reading and the excited looks on their faces during story time.

Reading is FUNdamental!

Watching my own child progress through the stages of reading has been both frustrating and rewarding. I realized that before I could teach my child to read, I had to first learn HOW to teach my child to read. Here are some articles with tips and techniques on how to teach and motivate your child to read.

Teaching Your Child How To Read by Rebecca Walker

Children are best taught to read by learning sounds of letters by Anita J. Holten

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Potty Training

We all have to go through it. Training a child to use the toilet is an interesting time. Read our journey with training our own children to use the potty....

All About Potty Training.

Eating Healthy!

Child Nutrition

Child Nutrition is one of the basic building blocks to Early Childhood Education. It is important that we, as parents, eat well and it's important that we teach our children what healthy eating is all about!

For more tips on teaching kids healthy eating habits check out Healthy Eating For Kids
by Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW

Child Obesity
A Growing Problem

Eating healthy is important not only as adults but as children too! Obesity in America is becoming a huge epdemic. The percentage of child obesity is also rising at an alarming rate. In order to help our children live healthy lives we must be aware of what childhood obesity it is and how serious of a problem it is becoming. A serious question that we all must ask our selves... Is Your Child Obese?

Do You Have a Creative Child?

Most kids have a creative streak or they are full of imagination. Here are a few tips on how you can focus your Child's Creativity!

Does Your Child Suffer From Allergies?

Many people suffer from allergies, especially food allergies. Read our story of how food allergies has affected our family. Please find resources of who can help you or child if you suffer from food allergies.

The USDA also publishes a nutrition newsletter. Food Allergies, or Just Food Fusiness? is a great read about food allergies in children.