So, You Want To Start Your Own Child Care Business?

Starting a child care business, like anything worth doing, will be both challenging and rewarding. Starting any business is a challenge. If you want to do well and actually make money it takes time, patience, you should really love what you do.

People come to us all of the time and say they want to start a child care business or start a daycare. They see our success and are inspired to do the same. I'll be the first to tell you that with a serious love for children, inspiration, motivation, and the desire to be your own boss YOU can direct and own your own business.

We will tell you exactly how we started our own business. There is a growing need for child care and we are truly child care advocates! Good luck in your endeavors.

The Business Plan

Many people have many opinions on the pieces you need to start your business. One thing is certain. You need a business plan. Whether you are a home provider or are planning to run a commercial center, the business plan is critical to the success of you business. It is you map and your blueprint and you will follow it and come back to make sure your plan is on track. I have outlined a few tips on how to write a business plan in Child Care Business Plan Basics.

State Child Care Requirements

There are many pieces to starting your own business. This is especially true choosing child care as your profession. It is probably a good idea to do a bit of research on your state's requirements. You can go to our Child Care Resources Center to visit your state's licensing web page.

Child Care State Licensing Documents

It is very important to become very familiar with your state's licensing requirements. Most states have separate requirements for Child Care Centers, Day Care Homes(Family Centers), and Group Homes. You can find your licensing documents on your states web page. For easier retreival of your licensing documents you can visit National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education website. Choose your state below.

The Business Entity

It is very important to not operate your day care as a sole proprietor. There are horrible tax implications and you open yourself up to tons of liability risk. It is best to incorporate or form an LLC. Take a look to see which is right for you.

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